HIMO Z20 Plus E-Bike Klapprad - HIMO
HIMO Z20 Plus E-Bike Klapprad - HIMO
HIMO Z20 Plus E-Bike Klapprad - HIMO
HIMO Z20 Plus E-Bike Klapprad - HIMO
HIMO Z20 Plus E-Bike Klapprad - HIMO
HIMO Z20 Plus E-Bike Klapprad - HIMO
HIMO Z20 Plus E-Bike Klapprad - HIMO
HIMO Z20 Plus E-Bike Klapprad - HIMO
HIMO Z20 Plus E-Bike Klapprad - HIMO
HIMO Z20 Plus E-Bike Klapprad - HIMO
HIMO Z20 Plus E-Bike Klapprad - HIMO
HIMO Z20 Plus E-Bike Klapprad - HIMO

HIMO Z20 Plus E-Bike Folding Bike

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  • Torque sensors
  • Flexible folding mechanism
  • 250W Powerful Motor
  • Removable battery with invisible design
  • Highly efficient tires
  • Mechanical disc brakes front and rear
  • IPX7 water resistance
  • Hidden inflatable pump
  • Front and rear lights with LCD display
  • Brilliant 6-speed gears
  • Luminous front and rear lights

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Key specifications at a glance

Range: 80km max range

Speed: 25km/h

Weight: 21.6kg

Transmission: 6-Speed Shimano

Pedal Assisst: Torque sensior, 0-3 levels

Rider Heights: 150 - 190cm

Weight Capacity: 120kg

Motor: 250W Hall Brushless Gear DC Motor

Battery: 36V/10Ah

Charger: 2AH Charger

Display: HD LCD Display

Torque: 22N.m

Frame: Lightweight Aluminum

Brakes: Mechanical Disc Brakes

Wheels: Double Walled Aluminum

Headlight: IPX7 Waterproof 1200lumen

Tail Light: Relector Tail Light

Chain Ring: Pro Wheel 52T/170mm

Pedals: Folding Pedals

Seat: Integrated In-seat Air Pump

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Smart torque sensor Electric folding bike
Transportable, versatile and slim

The deliberately compact design of the HIMO Z20 Plus makes it easy to fold, store and transport. The innovative, integrated battery box of the Z20 Plus is connected to the body to save space, and the lightweight aluminum frame perfectly matches the inner cables to create an elegant appearance. Don't want to leave the battery in the bike? No problem, the Z20 Plus comes with a special key for the battery so you can charge it wherever you want!

Size and fit
  • [A] Max. seat height 82cm
  • [B] Min. seat height 43cm
  • [C] Standover height 51cm
  • [D] Seat tube length 43cm
  • [E] Handlebar height 105cm
  • [F] Bottom bracket height 22cm
  • [G] Front to center 96cm
  • [H] Wheelbase 127cm
  • [I] Top tube length 63cm
  • [J] Overall length 146cm

Torque Sensors

With its torque sensor, the HIMO Z20 Plus is able to offer a more natural and intuitive riding experience, as the level of electric assistance is adapted in real time to the rider's pedaling power and cadence, making it easier to ride uphill!

Flexible folding mechanism

The frame of the new HIMO Z20 Plus can be folded in half so that less storage space is required along its length. The folded size makes it easier to carry! The new product measures 1095 x 1470 mm when disassembled and 750 x 860 mm when folded.

250 W powerful motor

With the 250 W rear hub motor, you won't be afraid of sprinting up steep hills. With its help, you can do it. There are three different support functions and systems: no support mode, pedal support mode, pedal + throttle support mode and throttle support mode.

Removable battery with invisible design

The HIMO Z20 Plus e-bike has a lithium battery that allows you to cover an average of 80 km with little pedal assistance, while in fully electric mode you can achieve around 50 km and around 500 charging cycles. The battery is integrated into the frame of the HIMO Z20 Plus.

High performance tires

With robust CST 20*2.125-inch tires, the wheels cannot be easily damaged. At the same time, the tire is equipped with a proprietary inflatable pump. Inflate the tire pressure before riding to make it easier to ride with less effort and extend the life of the tire.

Mechanical disc brakes front and rear

The new HIMO Z20 Plus reinforces a good braking system to ensure balanced and decisive braking when required. The braking distance is 4 meters on dry roads and up to 6 meters on wet roads.

IPX7 water resistance

The new HIMO electric bike is waterproof to IPX7 standard. Although it is an electric bike, you can also ride it in the rain. Another advantage of the design is that you can remove the battery and ride it.

Hidden inflatable pump

The seat tube is equipped with an inflatable pump that gives the e-bike a sense of security and allows you to fill the tires with gas anytime, anywhere so you can ride as far as possible.

LCD display

Before you set off, you can set the support mode for your ride. The device records your riding data in real time during the ride, including riding mode, riding distance, riding speed, power and so on. The display is easier to read in sunlight.

Brilliant 6-speed gearshift

HIMO Z20 Plus stands on the cleverly built-in function of the 6-speed Shimano. This efficient function offers speeds at different levels, making this e-bike suitable for riding in different circumstances

Luminous front and rear lights

HIMO Z20 Plus offers maximum safety with the rear light and the front light, which are perfectly fixed with an LCD and cast the beams far away. The front light is IPX7 waterproof, so it works even in heavy rain and nothing stands in the way of your night-time rides!

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