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Catlink and automatic litter boxes

The Catlink brand has an impressive and inspiring story that reached a significant turning point in October 2020. This month, Catlink received a thank you letter from a user in Thailand. This letter thanked Catlink for saving her cat's life with her smart litter box. This incident marked the first documented time that a smart litter box saved a pet's life.

It was this experience that made Catlink realize the profound mission it had to fulfill. Catlink wants to use technology to monitor pet health. They hope their lovingly innovative, pet-related smart products and services will enable people to create a deep connection with their pets that transcends space and time. Her goal is for people and their pets to live longer and healthier together.

One of the main products that Catlink has launched to fulfill this mission is the automatic litter box. This innovative product has many benefits that benefit both cats and their owners.

First, they minimize the inconvenience of cleaning. An automatic litter box cleans itself after each use, preventing unpleasant odors. This means owners can spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying themselves with their cats.

Secondly, they contribute to the hygiene and health of the cat. An automatic litter box ensures that the litter box is always clean, which reduces the risk of illness. Additionally, some models can even track health data, such as frequency of toilet use, to provide valuable insight into the cat's health.

Third, they offer more comfort for the cat. Many cats prefer a clean toilet, and the automatic litter box can ensure that the cat always has a clean environment when using the toilet.

With all these benefits, it's no wonder Catlink and their products are so popular. We're proud to stock Catlink products in our Shopify store and look forward to helping you improve your cat's life.