UWANT M300 Milbensauger - Uwant
UWANT M300 Milbensauger - Uwant
UWANT M300 Milbensauger - Uwant
UWANT M300 Milbensauger - Uwant
UWANT M300 Milbensauger - Uwant
UWANT M300 Milbensauger - Uwant

UWANT M300 mite vacuum

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Mite vacuum cleaner, handheld vacuum cleaner for mattress, sofa, bed

Experience the power of 13Kpa suction that effectively eliminates allergens, dust and mites that are deep in the bed (up to 20 inches deep). Achieve a clean environment with a 99.99% reduction in allergens, bacteria and dust mites.

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Rated Power: 500W

Net weight: 2.2 kg

Dust cup capacity: 0.3L

Suction: 13KPA

Type of roller brush: V-shaped alloy roller brush

Rolling brush beating speed: 12000r/min

Power cord length: 4.5m

Noise reduction design: Echo cavity noise reduction

Noise: 80dBA

Filter method: Double cup dust mite separation + 5 stage filtration system

UV Mite Removal: LED UV lamp

Mite removal rate: 99.9%

Drying method: 55°C double hot air drying

Display: LED

Dust mite sensor: Yes

Power assist system: Double Pulley

Mite removal function: Ultrasonic mite removal

Accessories: Aromatherapy Ball*2, Filter set*1

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Hidden Dangers are All Around You

Dust Mites - A Leading Cause of Allergies and Asthma.Did you know dust mites and their waste products are a leading cause of allergy and asthma symptoms? The EPA estimates there can be up to 10 million dust mites in a single mattress. Dust mites feed on the skin flakes we shed every day. These flakes of skin work their way deep into the inner layers of furniture, bedding, and even into stuffed toys — places where mites thrive. Target and eliminate these mites by using the UWANT M300.

Ideal for allergy sufferers
13Kpa Strong Suction

Mites and allergens have nowhere to hide with strong vibration force at 1,2000 times/min and 13Kpa suction power. Can remove allergens, dust and dust mites from your beds deep to 20in, which further enhances the cleaning performance to even better. It is ideal for allergy sufferers.

Filtering and Dust Collecting Separately
Patented Dual-cup Design

The cup with filter for filtering, and the other cup for dust storage. This handheld bed vacuum can hold more and work longer without emptying that often.

Strong and Safe UV Sterilization Function

High penetration UV light effectively eliminates 99.99% of allergen, bacteria, mites. It captures particles as small as microns, removes dust/pet hair and dander/pollen/mite debris, stop mites from multiplying at the source.

Various usage scenarios

Beds, sofas, toys or carpets, any place you can think of can be easily cleaned with M300. Completely stay away from the hazards of dust mites and enjoy a healthy life.

LED intelligent display panel

The degree of dust mites is clearly visible, and the ambient humidity is displayed in real time.

23cm super wide suction por

Mite removal is more efficient, twice the result with half the effort, not time-consuming

Humanized design, detachable and washable parts

Parts and dust cups that can be washed with water and dried can be reused for a long time without problems, making them more eco-friendly and economical

Ultrasonic function

M300 emits a small amount of ultrasonic waves that are harmless to humans and pets and only acts on the mites to stop their reproduction. physical removal of mites, available for mothers and babies.

Hot Air Drying While Cleaning

When cleaning, the holes in the back of this mattress vacuum cleaner will blow out hot air to dry your mattress in the meantime, which removes the moisture from inside the mattress or carpet, and makes nowhere livable for the invisible to grow and exist.

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The UWANT M300 can be used on a variety of surfaces, including beds, sofas, toys and carpets. It is extremely versatile and helps you to rid yourself of the dangers of dust mites.

The intelligent LED display panel of the UWANT M300 makes the level of dust mites visible and shows the ambient humidity in real time. So you always have control over the cleanliness of your environment.

During cleaning, the UWANT M300 blows out hot air to dry your mattress or carpet. This removes the moisture from the interior, eliminating the habitat of invisible mites.

Yes, the ultrasonic effect of the M300 is harmless to humans and pets. It acts specifically on the mites to stop them from reproducing, without any side effects for humans or animals.

The patented two-bin design of the UWANT M300 enables efficient separation of filtration and dust storage. This allows the appliance to pick up more and work longer without having to empty the container frequently.

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