UWANT B100-S / B100-E Waschsauger Teppichreiniger - Uwant
UWANT B100-S / B100-E Waschsauger Teppichreiniger - Uwant
UWANT B100-S / B100-E Waschsauger Teppichreiniger - Uwant
UWANT B100-S / B100-E Waschsauger Teppichreiniger - Uwant
UWANT B100-S / B100-E Waschsauger Teppichreiniger - Uwant
UWANT B100-S / B100-E Waschsauger Teppichreiniger - Uwant
UWANT B100-S / B100-E Waschsauger Teppichreiniger - Uwant
UWANT B100-S / B100-E Waschsauger Teppichreiniger - Uwant
UWANT B100-S / B100-E Waschsauger Teppichreiniger - Uwant
UWANT B100-S / B100-E Waschsauger Teppichreiniger - Uwant

UWANT B100-S vacuum cleaner carpet cleaner

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uwant vacuum cleaner carpet cleaner | for sofa, rug, upholstery, car| Wet-dry vacuum cleaner Strong suction water washing decontamination | 12000Pa,70dB | Fabric wet & dry vacuum cleaner B100

Remove stains from clothing, carpets and sofas. Experience the combined power of high-pressure spray, wash, scrub and vacuum for unparalleled effectiveness and deep cleaning.

The choice is yours:
B100-S with physical buttons.
B100-E with 2 modes and multimode touchscreen.

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Net Weight: 4.7 kg

Dimension: 207*413*390mm

Rated Power: 450W

Suction Power: 12Kpa

Clean water tank capacity: 1800ml

Wastewater tank capacity: 1600ml

Power cord length: 5m (with One-key Wind up)

Hose length: 1.5m

Cleaning modes: One mode for B100-S. Two modes for B100-E.

Types of brushes: Detachable brush (standard), Widened brush (optional)

Width of brush head: 90mm

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A Breakthrough Spot Cleaner

We know that getting rid of stains can be a constant battle. Stubborn spots are a pain to remove, and fighting stains by hand is even harder. Lugging rugs and blankets to the cleaners or washing them outside is a trip no one wants to take. UWANT B100, a breakthrough spot cleaner which fights stains in ways other spot cleaners can’t.

4-in-1 Visible Cleaning

High-pressure spray + wash + scrub + suction all from one easy-to-use cleaning head. Powerful water pressure with precisely measured cleaning agents is applied to the surface breaking down dirt molecules while the brush scrubs and separates stains before being extracted back into the UWANT B100 for an effective and deep clean.

A Powerful Approach
Removing the Toughest Stains

Powerful 12Kpa water pressure allows for a deep 6m cleaning depth. With Regular and Strong cleaning modes the UWANT B100 gives you maximum cleaning power to move deep stains and dirt. The strong suction allows for faster drying times.

Perfect Deal with Muliti Scenarios

Weather it’s stains, dust, liquid, or even germs, It dissolves away stains from sofas, curtains, and mattresses with a compact design, so you don’t have to rearrange the furniture every time you clean. Also B100 is perfect for tackling vehicle interiors like car seats, floors, and mats. Thar’s how powerful the 4-in-1 process is.

Launch a High Pressure Attack

B100 attacks stains by going deep. It uses a higher water pressure than other spot cleaners, shooting water up to 6-cms into the stain to dissolve dirt at the deepest level. All it takes is the push of a button — no head changing, zero filters — and you get a powerful stream of water firing into the heart of the spot, breaking down stains from the inside and separating them from your fabric.

Powerful Suction to Get the Area Clear

Most spot cleaners only have 8KPa of suction, but the B100 sucks at an impressive 12KPa, getting your spots dry faster and clearing more dirt and water from the area.It’s truly a tremendous cycle that leaves your floors and fabrics spotless.

A Cord that Reaches Every Stain

The last thing you want after removing spots is a tangle of cords. With one click, the B100 retracts its entire cord. It shortens cleaning time while helping you avoid cord tangles and tripping hazards, and protects your cord for long term use.

Wheels to Make Steering Easy

UWANT B100 features a universal wheel that’s fully 360° rotatable, letting the B100 turn on a dime or easily be spun around without you lifting and turning. Then two smooth support wheels help it roll gently over carpet, hardwood, or tile. It’s a back saving feature that just makes sense.

UWANT B100-S / B100-E Waschsauger Teppichreiniger - Uwant

Master of Cleaning Mixology

Large 1800ml clean water and 1600ml wastewater tanks reduce the need to frequently add and change water during cleaning. Completely separate clean water and wastewater storage to avoid secondary pollution.<br>
Unlike most spot cleaners, There are 3 types of cleaning solution to choose from, for deep cleaning, textiles, or mite control. You can also use any detergent of your preference. It helps save your soap, and your time, while keeping the leftover detergent on board for the next time you need it.

UWANT B100-S / B100-E Waschsauger Teppichreiniger - Uwant

Multimode touchscreen

There are two versions to choose from: B100-S and B100-E. The B100-E offers a multi-mode touchscreen that allows you to switch between modes with just one touch. Take advantage of the versatility and efficiency of this unique feature to optimize your work. Discover the future of operation with B100-E and increase your productivity to a new level.

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Yes, cleaning differs for fresh and older stains. Rapid treatment is crucial for the best results. The sooner you act, the better the result. Combine with our solution for older stains.

Absolutely! The product is easy to clean and store. The one-touch self-cleaning function cleans brush heads and pipes effectively. The automatic cable winder keeps things tidy and prevents odors and residues.

It won't! The product is equipped with soft bristles that have a strong cleaning effect without damaging the fabric through friction. It effectively removes stains and is gentle on textiles.

This machine requires a power source and is not cordless. However, with a 5 meter power cord and a 1.6 meter flexible hose, you can reach 6.6 meters for cleaning.

But safe! The cleaner's removable components and washable accessories make maintenance child's play.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
J. George
Perfekt für Tierhalter

entfernt Tierhaare und Flecken. Preis top

J. George
Zeit- und energieeffizient

Ich schätze die Zeit- und Energieeffizienz des B100. Er reinigt gründlich und hinterlässt keine Feuchtigkeitsspuren. Perfekt für meine Polstermöbel

Isbela O.
Effizient und vielseitig

Der B100 hat meine Erwartungen übertroffen. Er ist nicht nur effizient bei der Entfernung von Flecken, sondern auch vielseitig einsetzbar. Ein absolutes Must-Have

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