UWANT U100/ U100Lite Intelligenter Staubsauger & Mopproboter - Uwant
UWANT U100/ U100Lite Intelligenter Staubsauger & Mopproboter - Uwant
UWANT U100/ U100Lite Intelligenter Staubsauger & Mopproboter - Uwant
UWANT U100/ U100Lite Intelligenter Staubsauger & Mopproboter - Uwant
UWANT U100/ U100Lite Intelligenter Staubsauger & Mopproboter - Uwant
UWANT U100/ U100Lite Intelligenter Staubsauger & Mopproboter - Uwant
UWANT U100/ U100Lite Intelligenter Staubsauger & Mopproboter - Uwant

UWANT U100/U100Lite Smart Robot Vacuum & Mop Cleaner

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  • The choice is yours: U100 with Smart Station, U100Lite with charging station only
  • Efficient cleaning: The UWANT U100 robot vacuum cleaner keeps your home or office effortlessly clean.
  • Advanced navigation: Navigate effortlessly through tight corners and under furniture for thorough cleaning.
  • Automatic return to the charging station: Always ready for the next job.
  • Practical app control: Create cleaning schedules and monitor progress, even on the move.
  • Powerful suction power: With 2700Pa power.

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Product Model: Uwant U100 vacuum cleaner & mop robot

Suction power: 2700Pa

Dimensions: Φ350×98mm

Running time: 220min

Battery capacity: 5200mAh

Volume: 68dB

Dust container capacity: 300mL

Waste water tank capacity: 250mL

Dust bag capacity: 3L

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2.0 intelligent dust collection technology
  • Efficient : Shorter rear suction duct, less suction loss, better results and less clogging
  • Comfortable:  Disposable dust bag direct throw
  • Cleanly :Upgrade 950W high power dust collection

    With 26000Pa strong suction power, instantly clean the dust box, and all the dirt automatically into the 3L cloesd antibacterial dust bag, up to 30 days of storage of waste, pick up and throw the whole process without contact with pollutants, saving more peace of mind
High-precision Laser Technology to Restore Home Layout

High precision LDS laser radar with 360-degree global scanning and mapping,high speed and accurate, long range,and fast mapping for easy control even in complex floor conditions.

UV Light,Virus Free

UV lamp physical sterilization, no chemical residue, friendly to your lovely baby and pet. 

Built-in LED-UV ultraviolet light, by destroying bacterial DNA molecules, eliminating E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus hemolyticus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Salmonella typhimurium 5 kinds of ground bacteria, automatic light out when the machine is lifted, put back on the ground immediately to remove bacteria,child and pet family friendly

Sweeping, Vacuuming and Mopping in One, Cleaning in One Go

Once and for all, total floor cleaning convenience. The side brushes rotate powerfully at high speed, sweeping the stains on the surface and corners sharply, and the scattered dust particles are all collected into the vacuum box. Electronically controlled water tank precise water, sweeping and dragging linkage. Sweeping, vacuuming and dragging in three steps, one step in place, you can also be barefoot at home.

Clean Home from UWANT HOME APP

1.Multi-map storage   2.Customized cleaning plan 
3.Designated room cleaning  4.Zone cleaning

5.Deep cleaning, the selected area sweep two times

6.Customized room cleaning order

7.Customized cleaning no-go area and virtual wall

8.Set the no-mop zone, no wet carpet trouble

Smart Voice System 24h on Call

Support Alexa voice control system. Remote control through the language assistant, U100 at any time to respond and complete the command work, voice-activated sweeping and dragging, where you want to sweep, real-time control of the cleaning status.

2700Pa Super Suction Power,Long Running Up to 3.5h and 320m²

With 2700pa strong suction.Floating dust, lint, steel beads, large particles of waste can be inhaled, equipped with 5200mAh high-capacity battery, the battery life of up to 3.5 hours, a one-time cleaning 320m² large households, enough to meet the general household cleaning requirements. The machine will automatically recharge when the power is insufficient, without human intervention, convenient and fast.

Intelligent Carpet Recognition and Automatic Pressurization

When it comes to carpets, don't panic! the U100 disguises itself as a professional vacuum cleaner, easily climbing up to 2cm carpets with maximum suction power to clean it deeply. app allows you to set an area not to mop, not to sweep if you don't want to, personalize the area you want.

Omni-directional Floating Silicone Roller Brush, Hair Not Round Anymore

In addition to the standard brush brush, it is also equipped with a silicone roller brush. Silicone roller brush can easily suck out the hair, solve the problem of tangling, the main brush close to the ground, can float up and down with the ground, encounter the floor crevices, can deeply remove the hidden dust, and soft rubber brush can protect the floor tile floor, suitable for a variety of ground materials

Upgraded Pressure-constant Power-driven Tank

Pressure-constant power-driven pump free of infulence of residual water volume,adjust 3 water output in APP according to your requirements .
Friendly to wooden floor, no water seepage trouble

In der Box
Robot vacuum cleaner * 1
Smart base * 1 (for U100)
Charging pile * 1 (for U100 Lite)
Roller brush * 2
Side brush * 1
Mop holder * 1
Hepa * 1
Washable mop * 1


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