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Lydsto W2 robot vacuum & mop

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  • 5000Pa strong suction power, 4 suction levels
  • Automatic cleaning with 50°C hot water, automatic dust extraction
  • 60°C hot air drying, prevents unpleasant odors from the mop
  • Silver ion and ozone sterilization and odor elimination
  • 4L clean water tank + 4L dirty water tank + 3L dust bag
  • LDS navigation for automatic route planning
  • Compatible with MIJIA APP

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Host net weight: 4.1kg

Product Model: Lydsto self-cleaning sweeping and mopping machine

Product type: Host

Wireless connection: 433MHz

Dimensions: 354×354×98.5mm

Rated power: 50W

Charging voltage: 16.8V

Battery capacity: 5200mAh

Rated voltage: 14.4V

Wireless connection: 2.4GWiFi module

Drying method: Hot air drying

Product type: Washing station

Clean water tank capacity: 4L

Dimensions: 430×430×455mm

Waste water tank capacity: 4L

Rated power: AC 220V 5A

Vacuum degree: 24KPa

Rated power: DC 24V 3A

Rated power: 1000W

Wireless connection: 433MHz

Sterilisation method: Ozone sterilisation

Dust bag capacity: 3L

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Large volume, self-cleaning

Automatic induction dust collection seat and self-sealing 3-litre dust bag with large volume, the dust container is automatically emptied after cleaning without you having to dust it frequently; the dust bag only needs to be replaced once after more than 30 days.

99.9 % silver ion sterilisation
0.05ppm ozone ion Antibacterial and deodorant
Ultimate protection

Reinigt und sterilisiert von der Quelle aus und erreicht eine Sterilisationsrate von 99,9 % in alle Richtungen auf dem Mopp, dem Wassertank und dem Boden.

Eingebaute 0,05ppm Ionen-Sterilisation, der Müll wird im Staubbeutel gesammelt, um automatisch mit Ozon zu sterilisieren und zu desodorieren, und die Sterilisationsrate ist so hoch wie 99,9%.

5000Pa eddy current strong suction, 5-inch double brush counter-rotating rotation
Perfect cleaning for every corner

Brand new 15100rpm silent brushless Nidec motor with new moving impeller, strong suction power to pick up dust, pet hair and debris from floor crevices.

12N circular double mop holder, high-speed forward rotation without dead angle, continuous and stable downward pressure to mop solidified coffee stains, soya sauce stains can also be easily cleaned.

50℃ Automatic hot water cleaning

Each time an area is cleaned, the device automatically returns to the base station and uses hot water to clean and decontaminate, which has a stronger decontamination capability and completely eliminates the need to manually clean dirty mops.

60 ℃ Hot air drying, no odour, no need to dry

After washing the mop with hot water every time, drying the mop with hot air at 60 ° C will help ensure that the mop is not wet and produce peculiar odour, and make the floor dry and clean every time it is mopped

Route planning with LDS 2.0 Lidar Precise

W2 learns and recognises your home and plans the optimal cleaning routine, instead of aimlessly turning around.

Personalised cleaning programme

Improve the cleaning experience in an all-round way. There are exclusive, customised cleaning solutions for bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms and offices that meet individual cleaning requirements depending on the floor material.

Carpet Auto-Boost deep cleaning with ultrasonic detection

If you encounter carpets during the cleaning process, the booster mode is automatically switched to increase the suction power for deep cleaning. If you encounter carpets in mopping mode, a limited mopping area is automatically set so that the carpet does not get wet.

Mijia and Lydsto APP support

Simply open the APP to realise the remote control

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