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As an innovator of breakthrough technologies and inventor of a smart book scanner, CZUR strives to develop products for a modern work environment. Our team strongly believes in technology as the key to convenience in the workplace through continuous innovation. CZUR Tech focuses on previously overlooked office and workplace aspects.

As an innovative company, CZUR develops smart office products that seamlessly integrate software, hardware, AI and cloud services. Our team continuously researches to ensure the highest quality.

CZUR Tech's focus on research and development led to the creation of Aura, a portable book scanner that received worldwide attention and top awards in 2018. Successfully funded through platforms such as Indiegogo US, Wadiz Korea, and Makuake Japan, over 300,000 scanners have been sold in 140+ countries.

CZUR is sold worldwide and receives consistently positive reviews. The technology improves the way people work and increases efficiency. Accessible to everyone.