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RoyalBaby has been producing one of the highest quality children's bikes since day one. Children's bikes have a completely different geometry, and just adapting an adult bike and making it smaller does not make a good children's bike.

RoyalBaby builds children's bikes from the ground up, taking children's needs into account. That's why RoyalBaby has original and exclusive designs especially for children, such as training wheels, brake levers and saddles, to name but a few.

We use premium materials such as carbon fibre and Mg aluminium not to brag that we have mastered these fancy materials, but because they offer the best riding experience for children and are worth it. Our focus on creating a better bike for kids sets us apart from the competition.

We know we must be doing something right if millions of families in over 80 countries worldwide trust us. Our bikes are sure to make your child a fabulous role model among friends. Become a RoyalRider today and join us!