Catlink Baymax Deodorization Hydrogel - CATLINK
Catlink Baymax Deodorization Hydrogel - CATLINK
Catlink Baymax Deodorization Hydrogel - CATLINK

Catlink Baymax Deodorization Hydrogel

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Dual function: deodorization and sterilization

The low concentration of slow-release chlorine dioxide (CIO2) effectively removes odours, disinfects and eliminates formaldehyde.

Free from toxins and harmful substances: safe and gentle care

Chlorine dioxide (ClO2) has been classified by the World Health Organization (WHO) as safe, environmentally friendly and effective for use on people, pets, plants, food and water and is used in many areas such as water treatment, food processing and healthcare.

60 days of uninterrupted freshness
Stored at room temperature.
Easy to use.
Product information
Dimensions: 120 x 100 x 39 mm
Suitable for: CatLink Bebe Cats
Expiry date: 60 days
Net weight: 130 g
Safety instructions
This product is not suitable for consumption. Avoid direct contact with the gel and do not smell the odor. In case of accidental contact, rinse immediately with plenty of water.
2. Do not place this product near radiators, direct sunlight, high temperatures or air conditioning vents. Exposure to these environments may shorten the life of the product.
3. A slight odor may occur during use. If the odor is too strong, cover part of the ventilation opening with tape and open a window for ventilation.
4. It is normal for the gel to clump or dissolve and does not affect the effectiveness of the product.
5 Do not tilt, invert or shake the bottle vigorously to avoid spillage.
6. Keep out of the reach of children to avoid ingestion.
7. People with allergies should use with caution.

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