Our Partners & Distribution Authorisation

TWOPOINT STORE at CLS DAFA is more than just an online shop - we are a promise to our customers. Our collaboration with renowned brands such as Uwant, Czur, Catlink, Royalbaby, ADO E-Bike, HIMO E-Bike, Fanifant, Ladida and Lydsto reflects our philosophy and our high standards.

Each of these brands epitomises our credo: relentless pursuit of quality and innovation. It is not only the products that convince us, but also the values and visions behind these brands. We select brands such as Uwant and Czur for their impressive research expertise, while Royalbaby and HIMO E-Bike stand out for their success on international markets, particularly in China.

Our selection criterion is strict: in addition to profound research expertise, we focus on proven success in demanding markets. Brands such as Lydsto and Ladida have proven that they have the potential to succeed in different cultures and environments. But the service concept also plays an important role for us. That's why we value working with partners such as ADO E-Bike and Uwant, who put their customers at the centre and offer excellent service.

Through our careful selection, we guarantee that you will only find brands that are at the forefront of innovation, success and customer service. At CLS DAFA, we firmly believe that our customers deserve only the best.

All products in our shop are licensed for sale by the brand and can be guaranteed with the legal EU warranty of two years, giving you the most direct protection and service from the brand during the warranty period.